Amrosia USA

Amrosia-USA is a furniture parts company based in Evansville Indiana that specializes in products for the US contract furniture market. We offer high quality furniture parts that are produced in the most efficient and most robust manufacturing centers in the world. As our business grows we are constantly developing new and faster ways to identify and supply products that are needed for worldwide furniture markets.

We have created a business process we believe integrates the best practices of modern manufacturing with thoughtful high end design solutions. As the world furniture market awakens to the new realities of stewardship we are incorporating best business practices for our manufacturing facilities to be a responsible partner in a sustainable future.

We are committed to finding and supporting the finest craftsmen to help us execute our company vision. To that end we are totally committed to continually finding the best partners who can offer us an ever growing set of skills or unique materials to integrate into our products. Even though we are only a small part of a larger design vision, we are focused on anticipating significant design trends and offering products that will enhance our client’s products.

Quality is at the heart of what we do. At every level, we are committed to constant review of and improvement to all aspects of our business. In our pursuit of constant improvement to our products, we may not offer the cheapest price, but believe we offer an extraordinary value for the money. Our consistent attention to the quality of our products translates into true value for our clients.